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I got a nebulizer and a cpap machine a while back; would I be able to pick up supplies?

Yes, all your insurance requires is a prescription. Call us to make your order.

My mother is on oxygen and has Medicare as her insurance; can she switch companies if she is not satisfied?

Yes, however; this will depend how long she has been on oxygen for. Medicares' guidelines state that they will only pay 36 months rental of oxygen after which they will only cover any maintenance needed. Medicare will approve a restart, if needed, five years after the initial delivery.

My uncle is looking for a company to provide him with a wheelchair. What would he need to do to get one?

There is a qualification process but as long as he has a prescription from his physician and his diagnosis/reason for needing a wheelchair we'll be able to check for him.

Will Medicaid pay for my children's diapers?

Yes, Medicaid has covered diapers for children above the age of four that have underlined medical conditions. Call our office to find out if he/she qualifies.

My husband is retiring from the military next year and he is receiving his supplies under his Tricare insurance; how much will they cover after he retires and how much will his part be?

Tricare will begin covering 80% of any supply or piece of equipment that he receives. He will begin paying the 20% remainder which will vary depending what it is he is receiving.

I am an elderly patient who has trouble driving around town; is there a delivery charge for my cpap supplies?

No. Our company prides in assisting in either mailing or delivering your supplies when needed.

My son was recently placed on oxygen; is there anything that I could use at home to monitor his oxygen level?

Yes, RespMed carries a Masimo Pulse Oximeter which will measure the heart rate of your child as well as his oxygen level. The unit is covered by most insurances with a valid prescription.

What insurances are accepted at RespMed?

RespMed accepts a variety of insurances which allows us to provide care to more patients. Some of the insurance plans accepted at RespMed include but are not limited to Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Tricare.

Insurance plans RespMed accepts include:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
and many others.

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